How to Avoid a Clogged Drain

What Are the Reasons for Clogged Toilets?

Plumbing problems like clogged toilets, faulty faucets, leaking pipes, and sedimentary build-up are common. You can face them every now and then. If left untreated, they can harm your health and damage your property. Therefore, you should hire a professional to fix a severely clogged toilet and other issues.
Toilets are the most important part of your home. But no one cares for their maintenance until they stop working, and clogged toilets can be a nightmare, ruining the complete environment of your home.

A clogged toilet can overflow, causing foul odor and severe health issues like bacteria and other harmful organisms. So, whenever you sense a problem with your toilet, get it resolved at the earliest possible. A plumbing expert can resolve the issue quickly and conveniently. So, take his help.
You can reduce the chances of toilet clogs if you know their reasons. So, look at some of the main reasons for a blocked toilet.

You are using a low-flow, first-generation toilet :
Sometimes, the toilet itself is the reason for the clog. This problem is most prevalent in the low-flow toilets made in the mid or late 90s to save water. They can’t create enough water pressure to clear off the internal trap and drain, developing a clog.
If this is the case, you have two solutions for this problem. Either you can replace the toilet or limit the use of clog-prone items like toilet paper. But don’t try to fix plumbing problems like clogged toilets by yourself. For severely clogged toilet fix, Hire a professional to get the issue resolved correctly.

You try to flush non-flushable item :
You can dispose of only some flushable items in your toilet. Whenever you try to flush any non-flushable item, it causes a problem. For example, toilet tissues can easily dissolve in water, so you can flush them without worries. But flushing other items like Q-Tips, cotton balls, wet wipes, and dental floss can block your drainage and cause backups in the toilet. Therefore avoid disposing of them in your toilet.
It would be best to place a dustbin in your bathroom and tell your children and other family members to dispose of non-flushable items in it. If your toilet is already blocked, contact a person dealing with clogged toilet plumbing problems and get it cleaned.

Problems with the main sewer line :
Your main drain or sewer line can also be the reason for the clogged toilet. Regular waste and other non-flushable items can accumulate in the drainage system and cause blockage.
When the main drain doesn’t work correctly, it creates a problem for the water flowing from your toilet. Hiring a professional drain cleaner to clean your drains will resolve the issue completely.

Defective flapper :
A flapper is a round rubber gasket at the bottom of the flush tank. It ensures enough flushing pressure, leading the waste to the bottom of the drainpipe.
When the flapper has any issue, it can’t generate enough pressure to flush toilet waste, causing a problem. Fortunately, fixing the defective flapper is relatively easy.
If the flapper is opening up completely, you can adjust the chain connected to it and try again. It will resolve the problem.

Blocked trap and vent :
A blocked trap and vent can also cause clogged toilet problems. Traps can be blocked by home articles like toilet paper, paper towels, and other non-flushable items, while leaves, sticks, and birds’ nests can clog the vents. Cleaning vents and traps require special items, so hire an expert to clean them.

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